Apex Diver was made especially for #CyberpunkJam, hosted by and placed in the top 50. You can find the jam entry here.

#CyberpunkJam was a game jam from mid 2014 where the idea was to make a game based on a previously voted on cyberpunk image, as well as include as much cyberpunk aesthetic as possible.

Apex Diver is an endless runner with some additional combat options. Originally, the idea was to alternate gameplay between running sections and diving sections, but due to time restraints only the running sections got implemented. This is also the first time I got the chance to work with sound and shader effects.

The majority of work for this game was done within a week, using GameMaker: Studio, Audacity, SFXR and Photoshop. It was also done in collaboration with Drew Fellows. If you’re interested in reading the post-mortem for this game, you can find it on the blog here.


W/Up – Jump

S/Down – Slide/Dive (in air)

A/D/Left/Right – Move Left and Right

Run as far as you can, dodging or knocking over enemies as you go.

Sliding or diving into an enemy increases the Danger Percentage. The higher the Danger Percentage, the more enemies appear and the more likely it is that they’ll shoot at you.

The final score, the Effectiveness Rating, is based on  how far you ran and how high your Danger Rating was when you were stopped.

bigstompyrobotsAPEX DIVER