ASCII Bird was made especially for #FlappyJam, hosted by itch.io. You can find the jam entry here.

ASCII Bird was featured in Wired.com’s coverage of #FlappyJam.

#FlappyJam was a game jam from early 2014, in solidarity against harassment app developer Dong Nguyen received because of his mobile game, Flappy Bird.

ASCII bird was based on a joke a friend made, about Flappy Bird needing to be ported to every platform possible. I thought it would be fun and interesting to port it to an engine that wasn’t built for fast, reaction based gameplay, so I bet that friend that I could remake the game using Twine.

The majority of work for this game was done within 48 hours, in Twine. If you’re interested in reading the post-mortem for this game, you can find it on the blog here.


Use the prompts at the bottom of the screen to tap or wait.

Don’t let the bird hit the pipes.

The game randomly picks which pipes come at you and when.

Aim for a highscore!

bigstompyrobotsASCII BIRD